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Cooking with love provides food for the soul.

The fun filled food fest ‘Delicatessen’ was organized at KJ Indoor stadium on 5th November 2019. The main objective behind the event was to raise fund for charity.

The event was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Joshy Cheeramkuzhy CMI (Principal KCMT). The highlight of the event was the inauguration of the food fest by cutting a grilled chicken. The guest relished its flavour.

Food fest included different stalls like Thattukada, fresh juice and ice cream stalls. It also included a game zone for students.

The exhibits show cased the beautiful vegetable carvings, antiques and medicinal plants at the portico and Indoor Stadium.

Various cultural events were organized during the programme. The food fest provided an opportunity to inculcate compassion in students as they brought home prepared food for sale. Indeed, it was an event for a cause.



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